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The outdoor kitchen of my dreams!

Chuck Mateo's Outdoor Dream Kitchen
Chuck Mateo's Outdoor Dream Kitchen

After spending the past few years slowly upgrading and renovating my backyard, I finally took the big step! I got the Fusion Flame Outdoor Kitchen from Backyard Discovery a few months ago and I’m in heaven!!! As you all know, cooking as what I do for a living and while I thought I had everything I needed, I didn’t realize what I was missing until I got my Fusion Flame setup and installed.

An outdoor kitchen provides you with additional space to not only prep and cook, but also to host people. As a bonus, it helps to keep the house clean. My Fusion Flame Outdoor Kitchen does all that and then more! For starters, the stainless steel prep space is a blessing. I haver plenty of room to trim whole briskets, break down hogs or even set up my pizza oven if I’d like to. Clean up is crazy easy as the counter tops are stainless steel and there is a built in trash drawer so disposing of garbage and waste is quick and easy. It comes with a power bank which is critical, especially when filming content like I am. I have space to plug in my phone charger and any appliances I may need. 

In addition to the beautiful set up, it comes with an amazing 4 burner gas grill that includes a sear station and a rotisserie burner and attachment. It heats quickly, holds temperature perfectly and the sear station and rotisserie make it a gas grill that does it all. Beyond all that, it’s built tough. I weigh 325 pounds and can do pull ups on the overhang without it moving at all. 

From the quality construction to the fact that it seems like this kitchen has everything, I couldn’t be happier. Beyond all that, it completely transformed my backyard making it look newer and adding some luxury. If you’re looking for an outdoor kitchen, I strongly recommend you consider the Fusion Flame Outdoor Kitchen from Backyard Discovery!


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